Arielle Silverstein’s Vile Retribution: Part II

In Part I we began our look into the the inside story behind Arielle Silverstein’s plot to exact her ‘revenge’ on Peter Gallo, the investigator who blew the whistle on a brewing sex-trafficking scandal involving multiple UN peacekeepers in Africa.

The United Nations’ MEU (Management Evaluation Unit) plays an important role in the UN justice” system. However, when it comes to Arielle Silverstein it has nothing to do with fairness” or reasonableness” (and wash your mouth out with soap if you dare suggest it should have anything to do with so-calledjustice”!) 

To understand the importance of how Silverstein successfully sandbagged Peter Gallo’s career it’s important to understand the MEU’s self-imposed time limits, which are to be followed when submitting license renewal applications to the UN Dispute Tribunal (UNDT).

In short, they have set amount of time in which to respond to a request for management evaluation before forwarding the case to UNDT, which places its own independent time limitations on requests.

Well, it seems the MEU wrote to Mr. Gallo saying they needed more time to process his application to the UNDT. Hoping to aid the process along, he of course agreed. Then they came back a second time with another request to delay. Then a third. Then a fourth. Finally, infuriatingly, they came back to him with a fifth request for more time.

It was only then, on 7 February 2014, that Arielle Silverstein called Mr. Gallo, and said that she was very sorry that it had taken this long for the MEU deal with his request. She attempted to explain away the unreasonable delay by saying she’d been off work because she was having a baby.

Mr. Gallo expressed his frustrations with Silverstein’s ‘baby excuse’ this way:

Well, that is all very nice, and I am sure everyone was very happy about it – but it had absolutely nothing to do with me! That the MEU – which of course is part of the Department of Management – lacks the managerial ability to manage their workload, comes as no surprise but that also has nothing to do with me.

By the time his application got to the UNDT, the Administrative Law section argued – successfully – that the application was to be rejected for taking too long. All thanks to Silverstein’s underhanded delaying tactics.

Silverstein and the MEU repeatedly informed Gallo that they were working on it and they needed just a bit more time — then took a whopping 153 days to respond! By so doing, they ensured he would be ‘timed-out’ of applying and have his investigator’s license revoked. (Mr. Gallo may be forgiven here for not congratulating Silverstein and the MEU on their highest standards of efficiency, competence and integrity.)

The person in the MEU responsible for dealing with this was none other than Arielle Silverstein who saw to it that Mr. Gallo would not be able to renew his investigators license, thus sabotaging his entire career out of nothing more than retaliatory spite.

Sources at the U.N. told us that Silverstein has the habit of taking files and work from home thus the justification that she was having a baby is yet another lame excuse to cover up sabotaging Mr. Gallo’s career.

A good man lost his job because of Arielle Silverstein.

It is yet another sad example the petty callousness both Silverstein and her husband, Tony Ortega, continually display.

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