Last April, Tony Ortega decided to show the true colors of his absolute intolerance for all things religious by firing off a litany of intimidating tweets against Christians on Twitter:

That last Tweet is significant in understanding Tony Ortega’s mindset. He is on an anti-religious and anti-spiritual crusade against all religions and spiritual pursuits – Scientology is simply the low-hanging fruit and Tony’s personal favorite target of his bigoted invective.

One wonders at Ortega’s depth of hatred for people of faith and exactly was going through his mind when he launched this attack. Was anything they actually done or said in the real world that set him off? Or did he simply see an excuse to shower his hate on random twitters who would be so brazen as to hold views Tony disagrees with? Given Tony’s past track record of rabid unchecked hatred towards any and all systems of belief it would seem the latter is far more likely.

The fact remains, Tony Ortega is a bigot in search of targets to harass. This has long been his motivating drive as an editor. Now as an out-of-work blogger and full-time twitter troll it would appear as if he’s finally embracing his roll as self-proclaimed ‘atheist-at-large’.

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