Back Where We Began

The end of another year finds us shaking our heads once more to see how little has changed within the hate-filled feed of Tony Ortega’s intolerant Twitter page. Still he pounds his fist on his keyboard, hollering with his signature impotent rage, about how everyone but him is afraid of what he tries so hard to paint as the big bad boogey man Scientology.

The tweet above (mercifully, one of his last of 2018) is yet more of the same of the tedious, all-too familiar refrain Tony and Leah and members of his vicious anti-religion movement desperately want you to believe, namely that the sole reason Scientology isn’t being investigated is that authorities are afraid.

Apparently the clear facts of the matter — that there is absolutely zero evidence of any fiduciary wrong doing on the part Scientology or any of this subsidiaries — is something that Tony Ortega and his lot simply cannot get their hate-addled minds around.

In the absence of evidence they grasp at straws, searching for any reason (no matter how ludicrous or unlikely) to support their spurious reasoning. ‘There must be a conspiracy!’ they shout to their narrow-minded army of minions. They know they cannot manufacture a story which might give the absence of an investigation credibility so they opt to do what they always do — sell fear as the answer.  It’s a move straight from the Tony Ortega playbook. When no scandal exists, suggest the even lack of a scandal must itself be a scandalous conspiracy of fear.

One would think by now he would have realized that if we’ve learned to fear anything this year it’s those who routinely use fear to manipulate Social Media for their own propagandistic ends. But of course he has not learned this and so we end the year back where we began with lie upon lie upon lie.

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