Backpage Accomplices Lose Business Licenses Under State’s New “Zero Tolerance” Policy

In what some in the legal world are calling ‘a sign of things to come’ the Delaware state Attorney General’s Office issued a truly inspiring judgment the other day when they took the as-yet unprecedented step of revoking the right of four companies linked to Backpage from doing business as legal entities.

The loss of their LCC certification was made possible through legislation enacted last year that permitted  the state Department of Justice to ask the court to cancel certificates of formations  due to abuse or misuse of its limited liability company powers, privileges or existence.

Attorney General Kathy Jennings made her bold new ‘zero tolerance’ statement to the press saying:

“In this first use of that power with regard to LLCs, DOJ and the court have set a precedent for using that power to address a company whose formation was largely used to promote criminal activity.”

This is a wonderfully hearting development in the government’s growing against the perpetrators of Backpage and their simpering accomplices like Tony “Backpage” Ortega.

The legislation was a groundbreaking effort by Delaware  to police the LLCs it registers after years of people complaining about companies such as, once considered the world’s top online brothel.

Though we’ve said this before, we will continue to remind our readers that the Backpage website was responsible for an estimated three-quarters of the 10,000 child-trafficking reports received annually by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children before it was seized by federal law enforcement in April of last year.

In the 14 months since then public opinion has shifted dramatically, seeing the lies that Tony Ortega propagated for what they truly are.

As our readers will remember, the men at the top responsible for creating and operating Backpage are under federal indictment. So far, the company has pleaded guilty to federal money laundering and state human trafficking charges, while its CEO has pleaded guilty to similar crimes.

We eagerly await news of further indictments and will bring you news of the filings as they develop.

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