Backpage and Its Basement Dwelling Scumbags

As far as we know Tony Ortega is not a registered sex offender but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t share a many of the same attributes the pimps and sex-peddlers he vociferously and viciously advocated on behalf of during his shameful tenure as Editor-in-Chief of the Village Voice.

Maybe that’s why today’s story in particular reminded us so much of Tony Ortega. It deals with a man from Long Island who locked women in a sex dungeon” in his parents’ basement. (What is it with so many of these subterranean basement dwellers being connected to Backpage? It can hardly be a coincidence.) Unlike Tony Ortega, however, this particular scumbag will be facing nearly a decade in prison after pleading guilty to a slew of human trafficking charges he participated in.

It will come as no shock to readers of this blog that the perp in question, Raymond Rodio III, used Tony Ortega’s “First Amendment” darling Backpage to recruit young women whom he then prostituted out of his parents’ home and motels throughout Suffolk County, prosecutors said. 

The 48-year-old pleaded guilty to five counts of sex trafficking, two counts of promoting prostitution, and the sale of a controlled substance on Tuesday, February 4, according to the indictment announced this week.

Indeed as the Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy Sini said in his statement:

This is an individual who clearly had no regard for the women he victimized, subjecting them to exploitation, fear and humiliation… It is our hope that this guilty plea delivers justice for the many survivors… Let this also serve as a message to other offenders that my Office will continue to aggressively target and prosecute human traffickers.”

Rodio was arrested by police during a routine traffic stop back in 2018. Officers, who suspected the man’s co-passenger could be a sex-trafficking victim, learned she had been forced into prostitution since before authorities raided and forcibly shuttered Backpage, officials said.

The traffic stop later led to the bust of Rodio’s sex slavery operation. Prosecutors alleged he turned his parents’ windowless underground basement bunker into a “sex dungeon” which he used to imprison and drug sex workers since at least 2014, prosecutors contended.

With Tony Ortega similarly exhibiting ’no regard for these victimized women who were subjected to exploitation, fear and humiliations’ is it too much to hope that he might soon be pulled over by police in a routine stop leading to his arrest?

We continue to remain hopeful and promise to keep you informed of all the latest developments.

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