Backpage Boss Flips on Co-Conspirators

It seems like every time we check the news here, the horror story known as Backpage and the cadre of ghouls who continue to support them despite the fact that the truth of their intentions is daily coming into sharper focus.

As we all know by now, this year started off with the long awaited raid by federal authorities this year, effectively shuttering the sex trafficking section of their operation.

The chief executive officer of Backpage pleaded guilty to money laundering and conspiracy charges in three states three days after the site was permanently closed in April 2018. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced that Carl Ferrer had agreed to cooperate with prosecutors against a pair of co-conspirators and controlling shareholders. Ferrer faces a prison sentence of up to five years.

As Carl Ferrer agrees to flip and cooperate with prosecutors against his former “business” associates, new questions arise. How many people will ultimately go down for this? There is more than enough blame to go around. There is blood on the hands of everyone who participated in this illegal, immoral, and unconscionable scheme. From the top bosses like Ferrer and to the lowest toadying bootlickers like Tony Ortega, the question of who bears culpability will soon be put to a jury.

Now with the news we reported this week of the Jane Does #1 through #50 v. Salesforce Inc., CGC-19-574770 case working its way through the California Superior Court in San Francisco, that scrutiny takes on a new importance.

Clearly the net is widening. Public demand for justice in this matter is by this point too strong to ignore. Does Tony Ortega understand just how vile his continued refusal to distance himself from his previous statements of cheerleading support for the Backpage prostitution ring is to the people of this country, indeed, around the rest of the world?

If not he is about to find out. Justice can be deferred, but it cannot be be outrun. This is a lesson Tony Ortega and his fellow Backpage scumbags are about to learn in a very big way.

And when it happens we’ll be here to report it out, every step of the way.

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