Backpage CEO Taught Criminals How To Do Crime

Through our examination into Backpage’s fruitless and ultimately vain attempts to shirk the laws in their greed-driven crime spree to generate hundreds of millions in personal profit through the highly illegal human sex trafficking trade, we’ve come across what we believe to be evidence more than sufficient to prove the state’s case against its ringleaders.

Take for example, the example Backpage set it its early years. Between around September 2010 and October 2012, Backpage CEO Carl Ferrer became aware that a particular Backpage customer, known as “P.R.”, was posting prostitution ads. Rather than bar this customer from posting future ads, Carl Ferrer repeatedly restored her posting privileges and gave her advice on how to conform to Backpage’s publication standards. In other words, he was helping her do an end-run around state and federal laws in the same way his company was.

The communications involving this woman’s ads included the following:

On September 26, 2010, Carl Ferrer received an email from a woman who was obviously posting prostitution ads on Backpage. The woman, whose email address included the phrase “provider4u,” wrote to complain that her prostitution ad (“50 Red Roses special – Don‘t Miss out !!!“) had been removed even though “[o]ther women have more explicit ads than me and they are up!

The woman continued:

“I can not afford to have this ad removed. This is the only way can get by and if it’s not on all the time I will not be able to pay my bills… My fiancé is in jail and he is not able to help me at this point.”

In response to her sob story, Carl Ferrer arranged for the woman to be allowed to continue posting ads and, not coincidentally, allowed Backpage to continue to profit off the illicit ad revenue.

On October 6, 2010, Ferrer received another email from the same woman. In this email, she complained that her most recent ad had been removed because it included an explicit picture of her body. She provided a copy of the picture to Carl Ferrer and stated: “If the person [who removed the ad] is such a prude well maybe they should check out the other women’s ads in that [escorts] section.

On November 15, 2010, Carl Ferrer wrote back to the woman to encourage her to edit the ad so it could be re-posted: “Ok, please try editing the ad now.” After this exchange, the woman was permitted to resume posting ads on Backpage.

Incredibly, on June 6, 2011, Carl Ferrer received another email from the same woman. It stated: “I would really appreciate it if you would please take the block off my ad for editing I wont post any more objectionable pics, ok?”

In response, Carl Ferrer, once more personally arranged for the woman’s editing and posting privileged to be restored: “You should be able to edit now. Please let us know if you are still having any trouble.” After this exchange, the woman resumed posting ads on Backpage.

A classic example of criminals at Backpage teaching criminals using Backpage how to circumvent the law!

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