Backpage Exploits Runaway in Rhode Island

We knew from the beginning that tentacle reach Backpage’s shadowy human trafficking ring extended far and wide and yet the breadth of it’s vile influence across the nation continues to come as a shock to us as day by day new horror stories of real life people impacted by its depravity emerge.

At this point it is becoming hard to be shocked but somehow the sex-ring website Tony Ortega spent years of his shameful career cheerleading continues to find new horrifying lows.

This week a former supervisor at a Pawtucket group home was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison and five years of probation for repeatedly  trafficking a missing 17-year-old girl for sex in Rhode Island, Massachusetts  and New York via Backpage, according to authorities.

Official court documents detail how Reysean Williams would post ads and photos of the  girl on offering her for sex. Williams was a supervisor at the group home which had been contracted to provide care for runaway children in Rhode Island. Together with an accomplice who was also working with at-risk children at the group home, Williams would use a group home’s van to meet with his accomplice and collect the proceeds from trafficking the girl.

These two men, in whose care some of Rhode Islands most vulnerable children were placed, convinced the girl to perform sex acts for customers – sometimes as many as 10 a day –  as a way to earn cash, but all of the money went to Williams and his accomplice, not the victim, prosecutors said.

It is beyond appalling that this should happen to anyone (let alone a child in state-funded protective care) and yet we are seeing this scenario and others like it over and over in every state in the country thanks to Backpage’s cash-mad push to become the world’s largest online platform for back alley prostitution.

We asked the question yesterday but it bears repeating – Who could possibly condone such evil? The answer is Tony Ortega and men like Tony Ortega who ran a con job on the country in their attempt to justify Backpage’s scheme to sell young women and children for sex in exchange for advertising dollars.

Their plan worked, for a time. But that time has since passed and now we, and the rest of America, await the slow moving wheels of justice to expose Tony Ortega and the rest of the Backpage sympathizers for the soulless, calculating monsters they are.

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