Backpage Has a Serial Rape Problem

Recently we reported on the history making case filed against Tony Ortega’s ex-employers earlier this year in which a young girl allegedly suffered multiple rapes through the sex trafficking made possible by James Larkin’s and Michael Lacey’s Backpage platform.

We can now reveal that while that particular case remains groundbreaking, it isn’t the only one filed against Backpage. Across the nation those making claims of victimization at the hands of Backpage (and Tony Ortega’s propaganda on behalf of his employers) and their sex trafficking syndicate are rising up to seek legal retribution.

Included below are but a sampling to give our readers a sense of the various court case currently proceeding against Backpage in multiple states, to bring sex traffickers like Ortega to justice:

1) Case No: 2018-04501 (District Court – Harris County Texas)

Jane Doe #1 v., et al

This case concerns a young woman who began to be sold for sex on at the age of 15. She was sold in hotels and truck stops in the Houston area which are also named in the lawsuit as defendants.

2) Case no: 3:18cv449 US District Court District of Oregon (Other docket Case No: Multnomah County, 17CV55605)

This is a case brought by the estate of Ashley Benson who was a victim of sex trafficking who was brutally murdered by a man who bought her off the Internet for sex. She was trafficked through She was murdered in a Hilton owned hotel.

3) Case No: 1:17cv11069 US District Court District of Massachusetts (Boston)

This is a case brought on behalf of three Jane Does against and its owners for aiding, supporting and facilitating the sexual exploitation of the plaintiffs. All three of the plaintiffs were minors when they were trafficked for sex via An earlier lawsuit by the same three plaintiffs was dismissed under the Communications Decency Act. This new suit was then brought with different allegations. The court recently dismissed the complaint as to Jane Doe’s 1 & 2. As to Jane Doe #3 the motion to dismiss was allowed in part and denied in part, so the case is still active.

4) Case No: 6:17cv218 US District Court Middle District of Florida (Orlando)

This a case brought by an anti-human trafficking group, Florida Abolitionist on behalf of several victims who were trafficked on One victim was only 15 when she was trafficked on

5) Case no: 38-CV-2017-900041.00 Circuit Court of Houston County (Alabama)

This is a case brought by an adult woman (K.R.) who as a minor was sold for sex through ads placed in She is suing and its owners as well as Santiago Alonso, the man who trafficked her and was imprisoned for it, as well as the hotels where the rapes took place. This case was removed by the defendants to the US District Court but was kicked back to the state court where it is proceeding.

6) Case no: MCC1700068 Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Riverside

This is a complaint filed on behalf of a young woman who as a minor was “sold for sex on the website,” and that the Backpage Defendants “knowingly created an online marketplace for sex trafficking on, and then helped sex traffickers create and develop their sex ads so the defendants could profit from the ads.” Backpage removed the case to US District Court but it was sent back to Riverside Superior. The complaint is against the owners of and John Does 1-5.

7) Case no: DC-17-00951 District Court of Dallas County, Texas

This is a case brought on behalf of a young woman who at the age of 15-16 years old was trafficked through The lawsuit is against the owners, their related companies and John Does 1-5.

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