Backpage Pimp To Be Deported Thanks To Public Tip

We mentioned in a previous post how Backpage’s nefarious influence transcends borders and nationalities. We went into detail about the criminal cases going on in Canada because, though the specifics are often unsettling it remains vitally important that we not lose sight of the horrific consequences of  Backpage’s international human trafficking ring. We believe these stories, as shocking and distasteful as they are, reveal the truth behind the lie Tony Ortega worked so desperately to convince the public of.

We ended that previous post with a charge for anyone who knows of, or has been a victim of, the Backpage to contact authorities immediately with information. Happily this week we received a glimmer of hope that coming forward to authorities can mean the difference between life and death.

In today’s dispatch we give you the harrowing story of Latchman Kaladeen, a 49-year-old Guyanese man, who was on May 17 identified by the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office in Florida as one of 9 men involved in sexual activities with a minor who had been trafficked on Backpage by a relative.

Kaladeen who had been previously deported in 2005 is currently on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainer and is expected to be deported again “once he’s done answering for the charges” he currently faces.

In an eerie echo of Backpage’s shell game using fake companies to evade authorities it’s noteworthy to add that Backpage pimp Latchamn Kaladeen had previously been arrested last year for solicitation of a prostitute and but was able to avoid a detainer by using one of several aliases which the department was able to to identify. He played the same game Backpage did and, like the company he used to buy and sell women, for a time eluded justice.

However, when the Sheriff’s Office received an anonymous tip in May 2017 about ads on Backpage which had featured the girl, an undercover operation launched within 24 hours. It lead investigators to a filthy Hernando County home with bare concrete floors strewn with animal urine and feces where the victim was housed with her victimizer.

Fortunately this time there was a happier outcome as this time the underage victim was rescued and taken to a safe house for juvenile victims of trafficking outside the area, beyond the reach of Backpage and its enthusiastic enablers.

The two-year long investigation relied heavily on interviews and tips from the public to work the case. Investigators found that the trafficker had posted his sick ads on Backpage and took money from clients, often leaving the young girl with them overnight in other parts of the state.

We are convinced an informed citizenry is the best line of defense against predators like the ones Tony Ortega personally enabled with his glowing endorsements of Backpage. As such we consider it our duty to keep reporting the facts behind the despicable organization Ortega praises as a champion of free speech.

If only we could prosecute men like Tony Ortega for the role they played in protecting this evil empire.

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