Backpage’s Dark Legacy of Continues

In the minds of many Backpage has become synonymous with sex trafficking. And yet, as we have attempted to demonstrate here on the blog, the crimes of this deplorable organization go far beyond selling children and vulnerable young women to online predators for sex.

This week, news emerged of a story involving a couple accused of murdering a man in Oklahoma.  The couple had been lurking on Backpage-inspired prostitution sites in the weeks and even days leading up to his death.

Provocative photos of George Watson were posted to the Next Door app, while explicit photos of Lindsi Mayabb had been previously posted to infamous sex trafficking site, Backpage.

Describing herself as “a fun and sexy redhead looking for fun”, racy photos of Lindsi Mayabb (the self-proclaimed Jessica Rabbit) were re-posted to yet another Backpage clone, with a singularly uncreative name ‘’.

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics spokesperson, Mark Woodward, says the seedy site is a yet another cheap knock-off of Backpage which sprung up after the original sex-ring site was seized by the FBI in 2018 and shut down.

Woodward explains: “Everything from drug distribution and trafficking to drug deals on the web to prostitution and even human trafficking is now being done, about 98 percent, through digital media.”

Indeed, in her testimony, Mayabb confessed how easy it was to find other wannabe sites attempting to emulate Backpage’s exploitative business model, saying: “When it got shut down by the federal government seizing that site, we found 15-20 similar sites using a very similar name.”

Photos posted of Mayabb’s boyfriend, George Watson, were hosted on ‘the Nextdoor app’, a social network for neighborhoods. This app, too, was but a cut and paste of Backpage’s ‘Personals’ section.

On the app, Watson who now stands charged on a murder one complaint, claimed he worked in massage therapy and included his phone number, adding: “Getting a work out group started… If you like my body you will love yours.”

When a local man named Sawyer English reached out to George Watson’s girlfriend, Mayabb, through the Backpage copycat site, Watson flew into a jealous rage and murdered him in cold blood.

It is yet another tragic example that though Lacey and Larkin’s Backpage (together with its army of lickspittle minions like Tony Ortega) have for the moment been stopped, the dark legacy of Backpage violence, rape and murder continues.

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