Basement-Dwelling Sex Trafficker Challenges Ortega’s ‘Biggest Underground Creep’ Title

Raymond Rodio III

Tony Ortega’s title as world’s most repugnant basement-dweller may be in jeopardy after news broke recently of a Long Island man being sentenced to 9 1/2 years in prison for running a Backpage-driven human sex trafficking ring out of his parents’ basement.

District Attorney Tim Sini said 49-year-old Raymond Rodio III would find his victims by posting ads on Backpage, the now infamous child sex trafficking site Tony Ortega once proudly shilled for. 

And, much like Ortega, it seems Rodio spent the majority of his time in an underground lair, living rent-free and sponging his way through life by mooching off of others.

Indeed, Rodio kept the women captive in the basement of his parents’ home and forced them into a life of prostitution by using violence and drugs, including crack cocaine and heroin.

As D.A. Sini explained:

“This defendant had a sex dungeon in his parents’ home and he forced women into sex slavery — he got them addicted to drugs, he used their addiction to control them, he took their money from them to pay for their drugs…”

Sini said the basement had no bathroom and victims were forced to use a bucket. Some of the women would be kept, against their will, locked in the basement for extended periods of time.

Sini went on to say:

“This defendant left a wave of destruction and death through his actions…This case sends a clear message to those who are trafficking women and girls in this county: we will not stand for it.”

There were at least 20 victims. Two died of overdoses.

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