Be A Tony Ortega Quitter!

Why are folks over on Tony Ortega’s blog suddenly calling him a low class drama queen? I mean, it’s not like they are wrong but seeing these comments popping up on Tony Ortega’s hate blog got us thinking. Have Tony’ Ortega’s readers finally had enough of his unfiltered, immature garbage?

Apparently it all started when a longtime “fan” of his announced that he was fed up with the way Tony Ortega runs his operation. (We’ve heard the phrase “lazy tyrant” to describe his managerial style on more than one occasion). This is not at all an uncommon sentiment. We’ve seen it time and time again from people who have worked with him in the past. Readers of this blog will remember his own ex-staffers at the Village Voice described Tony Ortega this way:

He was increasingly obsessed with Scientology and had neglected almost all of his editorial duties at the paper… Sometimes he wouldnt even edit features.”

So much for professionalism. But what exactly did Tony Ortega do this time to draw such fire from his own rank and file? Well, he showed his readers just how much contempt he has for them in his one word response to his defector. Tony’s response read in full:

Such an understanding guy, right? But of course this is Tony Ortega’s response to anyone who would offer criticism, either directly or implied, to his assertion that he is an expert whose authority is not to be challenged within the imaginary fiefdom of the pathetic blog he rules with an iron fist. If you reject Tony Ortega as your thought leader, you are as good as dead to him.

This is the mindset of the cult of Tony Ortega.

It must be so sad and lonely within the borders of Ortega’s hysterically negative, non-scientific, “I-am-the-true-victim-here’ blogdom.” Maybe it’s time more of his readers began following suit and just walk away? It’s abundantly clear their lazy tyrant blogger only cares about himself.

Now’s the time, be a Tony Ortega quitter today.

It’s also time for law enforcement involved in the investigation and prosecution of Backpage syndicate to dig into Tony Ortega’s cover up.

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