“Because I Don’t Talk To Trash!”

Following on from our story yesterday in which we saw Tony Ortega and two of his co-conspirators attempt to break into a political function in order to cause chaos, today we bring you the conclusion of this cautionary tale.

We noted in our post yesterday how eerily similar, at least on one level, the actions of Tony and his fellow agents provocateurs take on a distinctly darker, almost sinister feel. And, as we shall see in today’s examination of the article Tony and his cronies wrote following their illicit infiltration there may be good reason to view them as such.

Ortega has tried calling to obtain press passes. His calls were never returned. Tonight Ortega calls the private residence where the party is to be held and requests that two tickets be reserved in the name of Farnsworth. We decide to show up at the house separately. Ortega will appear as himself, since the sheriff and his flunkies know what he looks like. Farnsworth will appear to be an Arpaio supporter, there to give his money to the sheriff. And I will appear a little while later, pretending to be a naive Scottish tourist. If one of us gets eighty-sixed, the others might get to stay.

Right away we see, at the heart of the plan — as with all things Ortega — is a lie. Of course, readers of the this blog will understand that Ortega is no stranger when it comes to pretending to be someone he’s not. Ironically, this time it was his backup gang that would be playing the imposters, while Ortega hammed it up in the role he was born to play: bloviating tabloid con-man on the prowl for an easy mark.

The article continues:

Tony Ortega… arrived at the same time as the CNN people. He knows one of the CNN guys, so he walked in with them. When he saw David Hendershott, the sheriff’s 300-pound enforcer, Ortega grinned and waved at him. “Hey, director!”

Then he saw Arpaio and went straight for him. “Hey, sheriff.”
Arpaio looked grim. “What are you doing here?” he asked.

What was Ortega doing there, if not to trespass and make trouble?! Of course the article fails to address this point, preferring to gloat instead over how incredibly clever Tony and his pals are storming into events where they are unwelcome.

With that Tony Ortega’s misadventure as a con-man party crasher would come to an unceremonious (if wholly predictable) ending.

The story faithfully records the exchange with the Sheriff which precipitated Ortega’s forcible removal from the premises as follows:        

“I’m not answering any questions tonight. No interviews. Were you invited? How did you get in here?”

Arpaio and Hendershott conferred. Then an organizer told Ortega to leave or the police would be called. Ortega pointed to the CNN crew and said that other press were there. One of the organizers, Bob Sigholtz, said, “They were invited.”

Sigholtz pressed up against Ortega, thrust his face in his and angrily told him to get off the property. Arpaio started to walk away.

“…Why won’t you talk, Sheriff?” Ortega asked him.

Because I don’t talk to trash!” Arpaio said.

And at the end of the day when it comes right down to it, isn’t that a sentiment most people who’ve dealt with Tony Ortega at level can wholeheartedly agree on?

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