Beneath the Surface

Tony Ortega may be living well beyond his means in a fancy house in Scarsdale with his wife Arielle Silverstein but don’t for a second let this fool you into thinking he is anything close to a modern success story.

As previously discussed Tony Ortega is, and has been for years, a kept man. The money he uses to survive comes from his wife’s day job at the United Nations, supplemented with whatever free-loading hand-outs he can finagle from his Israeli parents-in-law.

On the surface it would seem Arielle Silverstein and Tony Ortega are living the American dream. But the reality is far from the truth. Hidden by layers of false online identities and phony emails, lies the truth.

Arielle Silverstein has for years taken a page from her husband’s book, running what amounts to a side business posting offensive anti-religious comments and jokes about a whole host of religions under the pseudonym “Bozuri.”

A self-described “Jewish Atheist”, Silverstein’s side gig finds her posting everything from anti-Semitic cartoons featuring Jews with long noses to derogatory depictions of the prophet Mohammed — the very subject matter which has in the past inflamed the Muslim world and led to episodes of violence and murder.

Shockingly, all of this seems to be done on the UN’s dime as it is reported she frequently uses her work computer from which to share her husband’s blog posts as well as her own brand of rabid virtual bigotry.

Certainly, the UN, would not take kindly to Silverstein’s extra-curricular conduct as the organization’s official policy clearly states:

“while staff members’ personal views and convictions, including their religious convictions, remain inviolable, staff members shall ensure that those views and convictions do not adversely affect their official duties of the interests of the United Nations.”

Perhaps it’s high time for a Special Council to investigate this breech of policy in a legal context? The paper trail of tweeted hate-rants and anti-religious bigotry-blogging would make for damning evidence indeed.


Tony Ortega posted this morning that he is in Israel.

He wrote, “On Saturday, we were fortunate enough to be in the neighborhood and so we gladly accepted Dani Lemberger’s invitation to attend his birthday party in Haifa.”

Smooching is Ortega’s favorite hobby. We have it on good authority that he is also smooching off of his in-laws, Dina and Leonid Silverstein, while staying in Israel. We are wondering if the flights were paid with Arielle Silverstein’s salary.

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