Birds of a Feather

We’ve been talking a lot about Leah Remini and the imminent demise of her nightmare television series, but recently readers have been asking for more about Leah’s strangely silent producer in all this – Mike Rinder. Surely Rinder isn’t the out of control narcissist Leah Remini is… Right?

When it comes to Mike Rinder’s past ‘out of control’ is the operative phrase here, because, it is a matter of undisputed public record that Mike Rinder has engaged in violent domestic abuse. Like the time he ruthlessly attacked his then-estranged wife in Clearwater, Florida.

Consider Rinder’s daughter description of what she witnessed in her own words:

“He then grabbed my mom’s arms and I guess there was a key or something he had in his hand, his car key, and he’s grabbing her arm so bad, she’s going, “Ow, ow, ow, stop, Mike, stop!” And he gouged her arm but not only that but he actually—I don’t know exactly technically what he did—but he pulled her arm out. So now years later every day she’s in pain, every single day. She had surgery and she’ll never have proper function of it… She’s a small woman, she’s pretty frail, meaning she has small bones and he was squeezing her and, and she’s going “stop, stop! It’s hurting!”

But the violence didn’t stop there and Rinder’s abuse bled from his family life into his professional life, where he and harassed and assaulted his co-workers as well.

For example:

  • Internal reports show Rinder abused several women, hitting one with a clipboard and pinning another under his desk.
  • After his expulsion, he harassed parishioners in the London Church, storming in and taking pictures and video footage and disrupting services.

Indeed Leah Remini and Mike Rinder are birds of feather. And if when Leah is fired the executives at A&E give Rinder the ax as well, so much the better. Two birds with one stone!

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