Blind to His Own Bigotry

Previously, we reported to our readers about the absolutely stunning hypocrisy on display from Tony Ortega and his co-conspirators in light of Youtube’s recent decision to begin banning certain videos produced by Ortega and company.

We applaud Youtube’s courageous stance against bigoted hate-speech and commend them on their choice to single out some of the more flagrant scofflaws of Youtube’s community standards like Tony Ortega.

Indeed, according to this recent announcement on Youtube’s official blog, its policy couldn’t be clearer.

As you may well expect, Tony Ortega and his friends did not take kindly to this ‘tougher stance’ and immediately set out to play the victim card. The rhetoric currently being spewed on his Twitter feed over the matter is nothing short of mind-numbingly absurd.

Tony Ortega’s Twitter feed describes the issue this way: “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” In trying to “do good” and run a platform free of so-called hate speech, YouTube & Facebook are actually being enablers for [dangerous] groups. This is always where things go when you try to restrict what people can & cannot talk about.

How blind does Tony Ortega have to be not to see that he and his cronies, by Youtube’s own definition, are textbook examples of the very same ‘dangerous groups’ he keeps moaning about?! Youtube’s tougher stance is anything but ‘good intention gone wrong’ — it is an inevitable result of the precise religious bigotry Tony Ortega has flailingly tried to build his so-called career on for years.

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