Bombshell: Backpage Bank Accounts Seized by Feds


It’s no secret these past few years have been a terrible run for the Tony Ortega brand (such as it is) what with entering into his umpteenth consecutive year of deadbeat unemployment, the blow Twitter’s new algorithm struck against his army of fake sock puppet supporters presumably purchased from shady off-shore bot farms, and the chorus of criticism he has been receiving from his very own blog posters calling him out for mistreating his so-called ‘sources’.

That’s why this latest bombshell comes a particularly bad moment for Tony Ortega who has, and continues to be, a vocal proponent of The Backpage, a sex-for-hire site which famously shut down by Federal Authorities when it was revealed that it routinely trafficked in the despicable practice of selling underage children as prostitutes.

A new filing in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona details that more than 10 million dollars connected to accounts associated with Backpage have been condemned and/or forfeited by Backpage to the United States Government.

Twitter is understandably blowing up over these newly public disclosures with posts like the one below:


As of this writing Tony Ortega continues his supportive cheerleading for this shady organization. Time will tell just how many more money will be seized before all the dust has settled on this developing story. Until then, all we can say is Tony Ortega might be best advised to keep a close eye on his bank account. The feds are closing in!


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