Booksellers Can’t Give Tony Ortega’s Book Away

This week the largest book seller in the world, Amazon, posted its new rankings for its top 100 selling books. If you’re looking for anything written, edited, or with contribution from Tony Ortega you better break out your magnifying glass. That’s right, not only does Tony Ortega not appear in the top 100, he doesn’t feature anywhere near the 100,000. And this from a book he has wasted many hours of his readers time flogging as he tries to hit them with his usual ham-fisted hard sell.

In fact, you have to scroll down all the way down to the fine print (the 399,740th position) before you get the first pungent whiff of the sort of garbage Ortega is offering.

Apparently, the closer you get to obscurity – a space in the world of publishing Ortega has languished his whole career – the more desperate booksellers become. This is clearly in evidence by the fact that Amazon is now literally giving away Tony’s books. For free. And still he’s dropping in the rankings.

The market has finally placed a value on Tony’s work and it’s $0.00.


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