Can Tony Ortega Sink any Lower? Yes he can!

You’ve got to hand it to a loser like Tony Ortega. Every time you think he can’t sink any lower he always manages to find a way to outdo even himself, the master of petty hate-blogging.

This time he fires up his dusty basement computer to file an urgent report on the breaking news of a celebratory birthday party in Scientology. That’s right, not even birthday parties are safe with a low-life like Ortega. As he splashes his blog with proprietary photos from inside the private event as if he were some tabloid bubblegummer trying to sell celebrity creep shots to the kind of shady gossip rag you’d find hidden behind the counter late night truck.

It’s pretty disgusting that not only is Tony’s life so empty he feels the need to mock the celebrations of others, but also that he feels compelled to give out locations of the event as if to encourage other creeps to crawl out of the woodwork and stalk the venues for him.

“The after party kicks in at the Fort Harrison Hotel. Orgy in the pool,” Ortega writes, sounding very much like a perv at window licking the glass. I would quote more from his sick post but frankly it’s a little hard to read this stuff without a sick taste rising in my throat.

He ends his sweaty post by teasing his degenerate blog readers with the promise of video to come in his next installment.

We guess with the heady days of defending a sex-ring organization now in his rearview mirror, Tony is needing to find new ways to feel the  sick rush of being the mouthpiece for moral depravity. Since no one is going to invite him to any parties why not crash a few and ruin everyone else’s fun.

Like a rotting onion, so it is we find a new layer of Tony’s fetid jealousy. Just how deep does the rot go? With every new post like this one the answer is more and more clear — all the way to its blackhearted core.

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