Career Deadbeat

There’s no question at this point that Tony Ortega is a lost cause. Frequent readers of this blog unpoisoned by the radical bias ‘try-hard’ Ortega goes to great lengths to instill in his dwindling fan base ought to have no problem accenting to the above proposition.

Time and time again we’ve been witness to Tony’s same tired routine. He finds someone dumb enough to hire him, fails miserably and is invariably fired.

Tony is so chronically un-employed at this point one can almost say the closest thing he’s had to a career is being a career deadbeat.

In Tony Ortega’s own warped perception of his circumstance, however, he is the victim put upon by the prevailing political forces of management who fail to see his “true value”. It seems after each firing, Tony huffs and retreats back into his basement with delusions of writing a manifesto which will cause those who have doubted him over the years (and we are more than the overwhelming majority!) to see him as something more than just another loudmouth failure.

The fact of the matter is that Tony Ortega’s main obsession is, and has always been, Scientology. In fact, sources within the upper echelons of the Village Voice explain that his distracting fixation on the subject was chief among the myriad reasons why he was ‘let go’ from his position as its Editor-in-Chief.

One question many have raised is the mystery behind exactly who is funding Tony Ortega, seeing as (we would reiterate, just to be clear) his lengthy, continual stretches of joblessness have left him without anything close to what it would take to support himself.

Following the Voice debacle, it took Ortega well over two years to get his book out, in large part because no major publisher would touch it (or him!) with a ten foot pole.

Ultimately though, Ortega did wind up finding a ‘small potatoes’ publisher outside of the country just desperate enough to publish the book. And, as expected, it was a giant fiasco from the moment it was “published”, bringing its author no real return on his investment in the doomed project.

So, how did Ortega continue to survive with no job, a mortgage to pay and raising two children? Stay tuned to tomorrow’s installment for that story!

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