The “Anonymous” Connection

Arielle Silverstein with her New York Anonymous associates

When we took a closer look at Tony Ortega’s third wife, Arielle Silverstein, we noted how she uses her cover as a seemingly innocuous United Nations employee to disguise the fact that her true objective to sow chaos and division across international borders runs contrary to

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Arielle Silverstein: Hiding Hate In Plain Sight

Religion can be a very sensitive subject. A study finds even talking about this potentially controversial topic can bring out the worst in social media users — a fact which Tony Ortega and his wife, Arielle Silverstein, have demonstrated.

Ortega and Silverstein go out of their way to flood social media with false stories

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Terrorism & The Propaganda Ministers of Social Media

We’ve been getting a lot of questions from readers about Tony Ortega’s bigot buddy, Chris Shelton, over the past few days. It makes sense, seeing as self-aggrandized charlatans like Ortega and Shelton are rarely as important or well-known as they’d like you to think.

With that in mind we thought we’d take a closer

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Mr. and Mrs. Arielle Silverstein

Tony Ortega is a fake news monger who, under no circumstances should be trusted. The same goes for the shady individuals he chooses to associate with. Here on the blog we’ve discussed a number of Tony Ortega’s known accomplices, all whom have demonstrated themselves time and again to be at best

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Arielle Silverstein Wants Help Committing Crimes

Isn’t it time we had a loud campaign [attacking Scientology]? I’m not a hacker and have no idea how to do spectacular things, but wouldn’t it be amazing if on many major website a banner would appear saying [critical things about Scientology]? That way the media might pick up the story.

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Arielle Silverstein: Puerile & Petty

Arielle Silverstein has what some might call ‘selective honesty syndrome’, that is to say for all her vast and vocal lies there are a surprising number of admissions she makes which, if she weren’t as narcissistic as her egotistical deadbeat husband, Tony Ortega, she’d probably realize it would be better to shut up about.


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The “Honorary” Cyber-Terrorist

Tony Ortega’s connections with the cyber-terrorist outfit Anonymous have been widely observed. There have been numerous attacks made by the group for which Tony Ortega has had nothing most effusive praise.

Today we are going to take a look at one of the more vile attacks and consider Tony Ortega’s response.

Dressed only

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Just who is Tony Ortega’s wife?

Arielle Silverstein works at the United Nations Ethics Office in New York City. Though she trained as an attorney in Europe and she is a member of the Israeli bar association she cannot legally practice law in the United States.

For years there have been whispers that Silverstein was a source for

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Anonymous at the United Nations?


On January 27, 2018, Tony Ortega wrote:

Ten years ago, at 2 in the morning on January 27, 2008, Mark Bunker uploaded a 9-minute video he’d made after a long day of work.

Two weeks before, on January 14, Bunker had made a little history by posting another 9-minute video, one featuring Tom

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