The “Honorary” Cyber-Terrorist

Tony Ortega’s connections with the cyber-terrorist outfit Anonymous have been widely observed. There have been numerous attacks made by the group for which Tony Ortega has had nothing most effusive praise.

Today we are going to take a look at one of the more vile attacks and consider Tony Ortega’s response.

Dressed only

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Tony Ortega: Chief Propagandist-At-Large

Arielle Silverstein and Tony Ortega

One of the questions we are often asked here in the midst of our reporting on the widening Backpage scandal is just how Backpage specifically and intentionally facilitated child sex trafficking.

While men like Tony Ortega have busied themselves devising elaborate defenses seeking to minimize and excuse

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Why Tabloids Quote Tony Ortega?

Dealing with hate mongers like Tony Ortega honest questions are hard to come by but we want to start today by trying one out, so honest question: Why do tabloids seem so keen to quote Tony Ortega?

Ask any seasoned reporter and they will tell you that tabloids are so lazy they don’t bother to

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The Backpage Rabbit Hole Explained Part II

We set out yesterday to layout and explain the impending seismic impact of the latest spate of cases to hit federal courts this week with regard to the slow-moving train wreck that has been the Backpage.

Today we continue to unpack the ramifications in order to give our readers a better understanding of just how

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Tony Ortega Is Leaving No Good Deed Unpunished

Tony Ortega has been accused of a lot of things, but being a paragon of compassion for human suffering has never been one of them.

He underscored this fact in true-to-form fashion recently on his blog in a slapdash post thrown together with a single goal in mind: to mock Scientology’s Urgent Call

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Turning a Blind Eye

Frequent readers of this blog will know by now the sordid unprofessional history of Tony Ortega. Between 2011 and July 2012, Tony Ortega, then Editor-in-Chief of the Village Voice, launched a biased oppo-research campaign on organizations and individuals who attempted to report on sex trafficking in the United States.

Clearly Ortega

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Tony Ortega’s latest target


ony Ortega found a new enemy this week in Aziz Ansari, Saturday Night Live’s latest host. Apparently Ansari’s frank and heartfelt defense of religion in his opening monologue rubbed Tony Ortega the wrong way and prompted him to repost yet another bigoted tweet accusing Ansari of being a poster boy for his

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Tony Ortega: Sociopathic Bigotry

The sociopath will always accuse you of doing the very thing that they are guilty of themselves. They do this to deflect the attention from them. And it’s all part of their devious strategy.

Apparent sociopaths like Tony Ortega have a bizarre ability to be able to make others feel guilty or to feel

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Was Tony Ortega a Clueless Tool to Undermine Democracy?

The media has been ablaze reporting on foreign-based propaganda factories set up to spread damaging lies in order to create further tension among Americans on the internet.

Statistics show that more than 677,000 Twitter users liked, retweeted, or followed accounts linked to the Russian-linked Internet Research Agency (IRA) in 2016, according to recently published Twitter

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All Things Arielle

We here at the blog have had numerous requests for more information about Tony Ortega’s mysterious wife, Arielle Silverstein (aka Bozuri, aka Arielle Sarai). As the pants-wearing bread-winner of the household, in many ways Silverstein remains the driving economical force behind Ortega’s cottage industry hate farm.

Because of the sheer volume

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