Size and Scope

For as much as we’ve talked about the dangers of Tony Ortega’s hate-blog and the work of his former employers at the sleazy sex selling site, Backpage, it could be helpful to take a moment to set each in its proper context.

For example, Tony Ortega’s ‘angry troll on the internet’ routine generates

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Par for the Coarse

As we’ve discussed often on this blog Tony Ortega has a truth-telling problem. Couple that with his wildly inaccurate portrayal of anything remotely related to Scientology and you have a ‘perfect storm’ of bad journalistic practice.

Tony Ortega’s firm belief in his own unerring understanding may be the cause for this wrongheadedness in

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Take the Hint Tony Ortega: Your Time is Up

This week took a close look at Tony Ortega’s suspicious use of Twitter, the platform of choice for the unpublishable hate-critics of modern age. So far we’ve gotten a lot of great feed-back from our readers who it seems overwhelmingly agree that Ortega is a pathetic fraud desperate to position himself as the final word

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שנאה: המניע הבסיסי של טוני אורטגה – חלק 1

אחת ההתמחויות של טוני אורטגה תמיד היתה לקחת נתונים מזעריים מנושא “הסיינטולוגיה“, להגזים ולעוות אותם ואז להקצות את המאפיינים השליליים שהוא יצר לכל סיינטולוגיה ולכל הסיינטולוגים.

אלו “האותיות הקטנות” של כל מה שהוא כותב על סיינטולוגיה. אבל עכשיו הוא הופך את “האותיות הקטנות” שלו להיות הטקסט עצמו.

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Hate: The Fire that Fuels Tony Ortega Part I

One of Tony Ortega’s specialties is and has always been cherry-picking parts of Scientology, exaggerating and distorting them like a fun house mirror and then assigning those characteristics to all of Scientology and to all Scientologists.

It’s the subtext of almost everything he writes about Scientology. But now he is letting

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חדשות מטרידות מסן מרינו

סן מרינו זאת מדינה קטנטונת בצפון–מזרח של הרי האפנין באיטליה. כלכלת המדינה מתבססת בעיקר על מימון, תעשייה, שירותים ותיירות.

מישהו מסן מרינו, שזיהה את אריאל זילברשטיין וטוני אורטגה, כתב לנו שהזוג עזב את החדר שלהם במלון כשהו עם המון בלאגן, ושהם נחשבו האורחים הכי גרועים שהמלון הזה ראה אי פעם.

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Disturbing news from San Marino

The Republic of San Marino is an enclaved microstate situated on the northeastern side of the Italian Apennine Mountains.

The country’s economy mainly relies on finance, industry, services and tourism.

A San Marino tipster, who recognized Arielle Silverstein and Tony Ortega, wrote to us stating that the couple left

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Beneath the Surface

Tony Ortega may be living well beyond his means in a fancy house in Scarsdale with his wife Arielle Silverstein but don’t for a second let this fool you into thinking he is anything close to a modern success story.

As previously discussed Tony Ortega is, and has been for years,

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Unemployed blogger on the fringes of the internet


Hard to read but some real good geeks were able to enhance the videos and read the tag on Tony Ortega’s shirt.

It reads:

“Hello my name is unemployed blogger on the fringes of the internet.”

We knew that Ortega was unemployed but this proves that he has no shame in being jobless

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Defending Paul Haggis

As the MeToo movement has highlighted over the course of the past year, there is no shortage of rapists and serial abusers of women in Hollywood. A few short months ago it was revealed that Paul Haggis was accused of sexual misconduct by 4 different women; two of whom accuse him of rape.


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