Backpage lawsuit against a Cook County Sheriff dismissed by Federal Judge

On Thursday, May 31, 2018, a Chicago federal judge dismissed a lawsuit against Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart who requested credit card companies not to do business with Backpage dot com.

James Larkin and Michael Lacey accused the Sheriff of interfering with the Backpage business. The judge ruled Thomas Dart’s action was protected

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Would the Real Tony Ortega Please Stand Up

Given his peerless record of marathon unemployment, finding news about Tony Ortega can be a bit of a challenge. Once upon a time he might have been the number one hit for any given Google search of the phrase “Tony Ortega scandal”. Nowadays he doesn’t even make the top five. Today I thought you

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When will Ortega meet RICO?

The Village Voice was having problems. The paper had just yet another round of layoffs as part of a nationwide cull by its parent company. Its future prospects were looking so dim, the Voice began to rely almost exclusively on sex and drug ads to stay solvent. It was so desperate for revenue that

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Tony Ortega’s Whataboutism

These days in the news we hear a lot about ‘Whataboutism’, it’s a variant of the tu quoque logical fallacy which attempts to discredit an opponent’s position by charging them with hypocrisy without directly refuting or disproving what it is they are saying. It’s a pernicious line of argument particularly associated with Soviet and

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Sordid Secretive Scandal

Back before the scandal surrounding the demise of the Village Voice, before Tony Ortega’s bosses, Michael Lacey and James Larkin, in Phoenix began destroying all the evidence they could that might implicate them in the global sex scandal spiraling so out of control lengthy prison sentences seemed the only plausible outcome… Back before

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Defending Paul Haggis

As the MeToo movement has highlighted over the course of the past year, there is no shortage of rapists and serial abusers of women in Hollywood. A few short months ago it was revealed that Paul Haggis was accused of sexual misconduct by 4 different women; two of whom accuse him of rape.


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Tony Ortega’s deliberate falsification-style of “journalism”

There is no shortage of fake news on the internet these days. It doesn’t take much to be a blogger willing to fill post after post with nothing but lies. But to be a blogger exposed as a liar on, the internet’s gold standard for debunking and exposing deceit? Now that’s a

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Jumping Ship


Recently the Laura Ingram show found itself in hot water after she publicly mocked Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg. The resulting backlash was swift and overwhelming, targeting the show’s advertisers. This manner of consumer-driven protest has increasingly proven an effective tool countering hate speech in an era of fake news.

Would it come

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Code Blue Whistleblower Deep-sixed with Arielle Silverstein’s Participation

Arielle Silverstein, a performance evaluator for the United Nations—and wife of Tony Ortega—participated in deep-sixing an investigator of sex abuse against children by United Nations peacekeeping troops in North Africa, thus contributing to a cover-up of those crimes.

Those are allegations levied by U.N. whistleblower Peter Gallo, a former international investigator at the U.N.’s

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A Definition of Evil

As reported in a piece earlier earlier this week during his tenure as Backpage apologist and attack dog, Tony Ortega attempted to to discredit his critics by smearing them in the pages of the Village Voice.

This is exactly what happened when Ashton Kutcher found himself in Ortega’s crosshairs for daring to

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