Why Is Roderick “Rod” Keller a Quack

Rod Keller with Holocaust denier and neo-Nazi Arnaldo Lerma

Rod Keller identifies himself on Twitter as a senior reporter for The Underground Bunker. On Reddit he describes himself as an “OG Scientology investigator”. Ever wonder what type of skills you need to become either of these two things? Apparently it’s simple, stalk Scientologists

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Pimps and Perverts

The Internet has long been a marketplace for the sex trade, one where the now mercifully defunct website, Backpage was justly demonized as a hotbed for illegal activity, including child sex trafficking.

We’ve seen time and again how Tony Ortega and his pals defended Backpage, at times even picking very public fights bemoaning

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Tony Ortega’s Brand

By this point we’re only too familiar with the lies and obfuscations Tony Ortega writes on his own cheap blog – s the last place, apparently, he can find that will ‘publish’ his deranged rants.

We’ve seen how doggedly Tony Ortega sought to give cover to Backpage as news of its continued

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De Facto Life Sentencing Begins for Backpage Pimps

Backpage may be dead but like something out of a bad horror movie, it continues to terrorize from beyond the grave.

A man accused of running a prostitution ring out of two spas in Billings, Montana will admit one charge and see three others dropped as part of a plea deal.


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TonyOrtega: Chief Propagandist-At-Large Part II 

Yesterday we took a focused look at a recent Backpage judgment that underlines the reprehensible behavior of both the company and its would-be apologists like Backpage Chief Propagandist-At-Large Tony Ortega who defended its business model on the grounds that it was ‘freedom of speech’.

One of the true tragedies of yesterday’s appalling story

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Money, Mendacity, and Body Count

Bitter ex-Scientologist Leah Remini has a credibility problem. How is anyone meant to take a single word or opinion seriously when she so clearly attempts day after day to wield her bias like a weapon meant to hurt and destroy reputations and personal lives?

The sad reality is that there are those weak-minded

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Ortega and The Raw Story

If you’ve heard the name Tony Ortega, chances are it’s from his public “exit” as editor of the Village Voice — a publication which found itself in hot water when it was revealed they’d been advertising the services of known sex-traffickers in their seedy ‘Backpage’ section. Ortega lobbied hard for the Village Voice’s right to earn ad revenue from the sex trade but after several nasty online spats, including twitter exchanges with Ashton Kutcher. In the end, Ortega “left” the Village Voice. Unemployed, Ortega was to…

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