The Impotence of Tony Ortega

Tony Ortega’s sponsor, Karen de la Carriere

By this point there are few who haven’t heard that Tony Ortega and his marauding gang of online trolls and bigots are hopelessly biased when it comes to offering anything close to ‘straight talk’ about Scientology.

This is because partisan hacks like Ortega and company who imagine

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(In)Convenient Journalist

Tony Ortega is one of America’s most infamous Twitter hatemongers, a blowhard opinion-slinger who regularly tweets his thoughts and opinions on the very narrow number of subjects that seem to capture his fleeting attention.

But lately a kind of meta question has swirled around Ortega: Is he a journalist? And if not,

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Journalism v. Propaganda: The Case Against Tony Ortega

There’s an old adage in the journalism business, “tell the truth, even when the facts are inconvenient to the narrative”.

That’s a bit of professional wisdom lost on the likes of Tony Ortega, if you want to consider for a moment that he is a real journalist. For him it would seem facts are

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Developer of False Leads

We have it from reliable sources that Tony Ortega is considered a notorious developer of false leads and fake news by a large group of New York journalists. Following are just a couple of examples of his conduct that demonstrate why.

When evaluating information, we are often admonished to “consider the source.”

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