Ortega’s Petty Pursuit

From time to time we here like to drop in on Tony Ortega’s blog to see what dire, hysterical story he’s breathlessly hawking these days. Someone has to do it. In this spirit of ‘taking one for the team’ we logged on to Ortega’s blog to see what had him ranting.

What we

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Par for the Coarse

As we’ve discussed often on this blog Tony Ortega has a truth-telling problem. Couple that with his wildly inaccurate portrayal of anything remotely related to Scientology and you have a ‘perfect storm’ of bad journalistic practice.

Tony Ortega’s firm belief in his own unerring understanding may be the cause for this wrongheadedness in

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Journalism v. Propaganda: The Case Against Tony Ortega

There’s an old adage in the journalism business, “tell the truth, even when the facts are inconvenient to the narrative”.

That’s a bit of professional wisdom lost on the likes of Tony Ortega, if you want to consider for a moment that he is a real journalist. For him it would seem facts are

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