An Inconvenient ‘WE’

Tony Ortega has been trying to separate himself from The Village Voice and its online whorehouse money-maker Backpage ever since he was unceremoniously fired and sent packing.

A number of Village Voice insiders we’ve talked to from that time have echoed what we’d been hearing, namely that Tony Ortega was being

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The Sick And Selfish Game Tony Ortega Plays

In our last installment we saw how Tony Ortega has a history of lying and gaslighting his way through his professional life every bit as much as personal life.

We saw yesterday how Tony Ortega lied during a speech to students at his own former college, feigning innocence in the face

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Unconscionable Predictability

Here at the blog we wrote to explain a little context behind just how Backpage was converted into a human trafficking and prostitution enterprise, with men like Tony Ortega doing much of the heavy lifting to sell the idea to the public.

For six years Tony Ortega lived off the money

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“You’re Gaslighting Yourself, Tony Ortega”

The internet slang dictionary of record, defines the term “gaslighting” as a “form of intimidation or abuse, sometimes where false information is presented to the victim, making them doubt their own memory, perception and quite often, their sanity.”

For Tony Ortega, however, gaslighting is something more. It is the very definition of

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“Nothing More Than Naked Greed And The Love of Money”

It’s been a while since we last checked in with what is happening in the whirlpool of lawsuits and litigation surrounding the Backpage sex syndicate for which Tony Ortega acted as defacto public-facing apologist.

For more than six years Tony Ortega paychecks were directly dependent upon how much ad space Backpage could sell

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Million Dollar Questions

Without doubt, the question we most often get asked here on the blog is, “Why isn’t Tony Ortega in jail already?!”

Believe us we understand your frustration in this, especially considering Tony Ortega’s bosses have already been outfitted with ankle monitors as they await their respective upcoming trials on a veritable laundry list

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“A Forest of Dead Wood”

Tony Ortega is probably best known as the propaganda minister for the role he played as chief defender of the notorious illicit prostitution and child sex trafficking website, Backpage during its debauched heyday as the world’s most infamous online brothel.

Readers of this blog will remember how Backpage was raided and forcibly shut

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The Pimp and The Pyramid Scheme

We have written about Tony Ortega and the economic incentive he had in maintaining the Backpage hierarchy of pimps controlling the victims they exploited. We suggested in that piece that Tony Ortega was a willing participant in this scheme, unlike the many nameless victims Backpage took advantage of as it generated hundreds of millions

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Tony Ortega’s “Willingly Consensual” Backpage Affair

Among Tony Ortega’s many demonstrable lies, one whopper he invented to help clear infamous sex-trafficking hub Backpage must surely rank somewhere near the top — the lie of course, was that Backpage existed solely for consenting adults to find each other.

Yeah, right!

Even someone as shortsighted and narrow-minded as Tony Ortega

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Why Are All Tony Ortega’s Friends Getting Hauled Up On Sex Crime Charges?

By this point, readers of this blog have seen countless examples of Tony Ortega and his friends engaging in hate crimes ranging from casual bigotry of online hate speech to the dark and violent activities of some of the shadier creeps Tony Ortega pals around with.

Individuals like Paul Haggis who stands credibly

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