Secret Clubs, Hidden Agendas

A quick follow-up to the story we first reported to you regarding the insatiable lust for notoriety of attention-grubbing hack wannabe “celebrities” like Tony Ortega and his erstwhile sugar mamma Karen de la Carriere.

We were asked by several readers for more information on the methods by which these shameless individuals seek to aggrandize

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Tony’s Sugar Momma Teaches Him The Ropes: “If You Can’t Succeed, Cheat”

Tony Ortega and Karen de la Carriere

Some time ago we ran a cutting indictment of Tony Ortega’s blatant attempt to artificially inflate his social media presence by manipulating his list of Twitter followers.

As we shall see, this penchant for deceptively ‘gaming’ social media is a trait which is all too common among

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Warning Labels For Tony Ortega

Let’s settle this once and for all. Among the plethora of reasons hack tabloid ‘journalists’ like Tony Ortega are such a cancer to the world of online reporting, one of the most crucial to understand is that fake newsmen like Ortega are bought and paid for shills, selling false narratives to the highest bidder.

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Karen de la Carriere

Karen de la Carriere is a retired mistress for hire, who likes the attention of hate-mongers that have built their brand by giving public platforms to deranged individuals including those known to have a history of making or instigating death threats.

De la Carriere lives in Los Angeles, CA, with

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Who Is Karen de la Carriere?

Karen de la Carriere being interviewed with a rag in the background

Many readers have asked us, who is Karen de la Carriere?

Karen de la Carriere is a retired mistress for hire.

She lives in Los Angeles, CA, with her common-law husband, Jeffrey Augustine aka Jeff Augustine aka JeffSwift.

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Turning a Blind Eye

Frequent readers of this blog will know by now the sordid unprofessional history of Tony Ortega. Between 2011 and July 2012, Tony Ortega, then Editor-in-Chief of the Village Voice, launched a biased oppo-research campaign on organizations and individuals who attempted to report on sex trafficking in the United States.


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Us-vs.-them thinking. It really is what drives atheists like Tony Ortega, Jeffery Augustine and their band of online trolls.

When critics began reviewing Tony Ortega’s attempt at book-writing, they damned it for its tedious repetition of recycled hearsay and nauseating ‘woe is me’ self-victimizing. The following typical review on Amazon gives some idea of the

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Fear Over Reason: Conspiracy Thinking

Indeed, one of the chief problems with more pernicious conspiracy theories is that they oversimplify world events in order to find a scapegoat to blame.Conspiracies are a part of human nature. They exist at every level of human interaction, from claims that the Illuminati was responsible for World War I to questioning wither fluoridating water

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Tony Ortega Hive Mentality

On this blog we’ve seen how people like Tony Ortega, Mike Rinder, Karen de la Carriere, Jeffrey Augustine and Rod Keller attempt to control and manipulate the flow of information.

Time and time again we’ve seen evidence of Ortega censoring comments on his blog or in his Twitter feed that run contrary to his self-imposed

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Stop Hate on Twitter: Take Action!

Over the weekend the tech website Gizmodo ran a story shedding a little more light on exactly how Twitter May Be Demoting Controversial Accounts in Search Results explaining:

Overwhelmingly, the responses were a call to remove bad-faith actors, dangerous conspiracists, and outright white supremacists and neo-Nazis. It’s unclear if this tweak to the platform is

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