Tony Ortega: Cut-Throat Journalism

Alt weekly tabloids have never had a good reputation. When the word ‘tabloid’ comes up most of us tend to think of celebrity gossip, unsubstantiated rumors presented as ‘fact’, and lots and lots of cheap lies. 

It’s no wonder than that Tony Ortega’s name has become almost synonymous with this tacky, bottom-feeding style

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What is Ethical Journalism? Part I

The encroachment of fake tabloid-style news is and should be a concern for every American who cares about truth. Hucksters, hacks, and crass opportunists like Tony Ortega, who are paid by their sources, have been slowly but steadily poisoning the media well with their pseudo-journalistic style of reporting rumor, malicious lies, and wholesale fantasies

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The Impotence of Tony Ortega

Tony Ortega’s sponsor, Karen de la Carriere

By this point there are few who haven’t heard that Tony Ortega and his marauding gang of online trolls and bigots are hopelessly biased when it comes to offering anything close to ‘straight talk’ about Scientology.

This is because partisan hacks like Ortega and company who imagine

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Tony Ortega: The Face Of Our National Tabloid Epidemic

Tabloid Hack

Tony Ortega gets called a lot of names by people in the news business. Most of them, as you can well imagine, are none too flattering. 

If you ask us, however, the most damning name applied to Tony Ortega’s “profession” style, also turns out to be the most objectively accurate –

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Intellectual Property Rip Off?

Whatever mounting pressure Tony Ortega is feeling as the noose of justice tightens around him in the wake of weeks and weeks of Backpage headlines being splashed on headlines across the country must finally be taking a toll. It’s been a while since we checked in with his fictional blog where he once

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Tony Ortega’s Raw Deal

Way back when Tony Ortega’s bosses in Phoenix were dreaming about shredding and burning all the evidence implicating them in the global sex-for-profit scandal that was starting to spiral so out of control they were once again at risk of going to prison, a deal was struck.

Tony Ortega was promised that as

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Journalistic integrity


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