Leah Remini’s “Secret” Wish

If there was ever any doubt that Leah Remini is a world class quack, let her post of January 2 put those scurrilous rumors forever to bed. Apparently Remini is now shilling for the New Age fad of ‘manifesting’, made popular by the the widely debunked and ridiculed theory of the ‘Law of Attraction”

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Tony Ortega: Twitter Pimp

Well Tony Ortega started off the New Year with a shotgun blast of Twitter posts on the first day of 2019. Most of his wild posting streak, replete with enough ridiculous heart emojis to make a tween girl roll her eyes in embarrassment, were little more than thinly veiled suck-up attempts to ingratiate himself

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Tony Ortega: Sociopathic Bigotry

The sociopath will always accuse you of doing the very thing that they are guilty of themselves. They do this to deflect the attention from them. And it’s all part of their devious strategy.

Apparent sociopaths like Tony Ortega have a bizarre ability to be able to make others feel guilty or to feel

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Tony Ortega & Leah Remini Close out the Year with a Whimper

It’s been a quiet few days from Tony and company as we reach the end of another long year of their seemingly endless deceit. Perhaps the distractions of the holidays have kept them so preoccupied with enjoying warmth and peace they’ve lost the drive to keep stoking the fires of hate and mistruth.

Tony was

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Egotism Unchained

This week we’ve been taking an extensive view of the details of Tony Ortega’s Twitter past and today we conclude with a real humdinger.

Spend any amount of time trying to make sense of the chaotic nonsense that chokes Tony Ortega’s Twitter feed and you’ll quickly realize two things — Number one: There’s

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The Most Important Thing on The Internet

Recently we commented on the delusions of the likes of so-called ‘critics’ Leah Remini and Tony Ortega, suggesting that they spin the narrative and manipulate their audiences in order to present themselves as somehow being authorities on the subject of their obsessive witch hunt.

Well, leave it to Tony O., who in less

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Tony Ortega Attacks Police

These days there is a lot of talk about “conspiracy theories”. We hear about them in our election politics, read about them in financial revelations like the Panama Papers, and watch them unfold in the MeToo Movement in Hollywood.

Savvy manipulators of this mindset like Leah Remini and her

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Leah Remini’s Atheist Agenda

Fallout continues following the stunning rebuttal of Leah Remini’s abhorrent television series in the form of the Green Lighting hate video which surfaced earlier this week.

Many critics have noted the staggering drop in viewership over Remini’s show the past couple seasons. It seems the folks over at A&E have decided to double down on

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Radical Intolerance

There’s a fascinating phenomenon which routinely occurs in public conversation around the country any time anyone begins to denigrate a people group or religious community. Whenever bigoted hate speech rears its ugly head there is immediate push-back against those who would attempt to ‘hate-shame’. It’s as if we as a society have at some deep

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Too Much Garbage To Choose From

In light of Tony Ortega’s surprise ‘book’ announcement on Halloween which (shocker!) turns out to be nothing more than a bald-faced money grab, recycling old, mostly un-read, blog posts from his underground hate-bunker, a number of morbidly curious readers have been asking us just which blog posts Tony Ortega chose to include

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