Stop Hate on Twitter: Take Action!

Over the weekend the tech website Gizmodo ran a story shedding a little more light on exactly how Twitter May Be Demoting Controversial Accounts in Search Results explaining:

Overwhelmingly, the responses were a call to remove bad-faith actors, dangerous conspiracists, and outright white supremacists and neo-Nazis. It’s unclear if this tweak to the platform is

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Hey Ortega’s cult followers, keep lying to yourself

Predictable push back after this week’s bombshell stories exposing not a few prominent members of the anti-Scientology cabal. In true propagandistic form, the shills at work inside the “critic” crowd are re-directing the indisputable fact that they’ve been employing armies of fake Twitter accounts by trying to gin up the exact against Scientology now.


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Leah Remini’s unlucky Friday the 13th

We’ve been looking this week at how Twitter has been cracking down on individuals who have been gaming the system through the use of fake users to make themselves appear more popular than they are.

We’ve seen how critics like Tony Ortega, Jeffery Augustine, and his paramour Karen de la Carriere, have all been

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Tony Ortega’s bad fiction

As much as Tony Ortega wants us to believe his blog is a “news website” his repeated bias, as detailed here and on countless other places on the Internet, clearly indicates that Tony is at best a salacious gossip monger, at worst an obsessed ego maniac bent on destroying religious belief. Having spent time

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Ortega and Remini: Anything for a Buck


If last season’s falling ratings are any indication then you probably missed Leah Remini’s spectacular interview confession in which she admits she is “just trying to make a dollar off my church”.

This has been the constant refrain heard from Tony Ortega’s victimized sources too it would appear. We’ve heard it time and

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Defending Paul Haggis

As the MeToo movement has highlighted over the course of the past year, there is no shortage of rapists and serial abusers of women in Hollywood. A few short months ago it was revealed that Paul Haggis was accused of sexual misconduct by 4 different women; two of whom accuse him of rape.


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Tony Ortega’s Reddit Q & A

Last year, Tony Ortega, in desperate need of generating some interest in his ‘well past its sell-by date’ career, took to Reddit (the self-styled ‘front page of the internet’) for a Q & A session.

Though the questions asked by the users of site generated no shortage of half-truths, un-truths and

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Jumping Ship


Recently the Laura Ingram show found itself in hot water after she publicly mocked Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg. The resulting backlash was swift and overwhelming, targeting the show’s advertisers. This manner of consumer-driven protest has increasingly proven an effective tool countering hate speech in an era of fake news.

Would it come

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