Tony Ortega’s Parasite/Host Relationship

Tony Ortega and Arielle Silverstein claim they have nothing to hide, but they absolutely do. Try as they might to distract and evade being exposed for who they really are, they haven’t yet seemed to learn that the truth has a funny way of getting out.

Case in point: 

Public records show

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Arielle Silverstein & Tony Ortega: Bigots of a Feather

When we left off yesterday we had begun a discussion about the mysterious money keeping Tony Ortega in ‘business’, for lack of a better word. We been asking the question as to why Tony Ortega seems able to freeload his way through life, being as he seems to find it so difficult to find anything

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All Things Arielle

We here at the blog have had numerous requests for more information about Tony Ortega’s mysterious wife, Arielle Silverstein (aka Bozuri, aka Arielle Sarai). As the pants-wearing bread-winner of the household, in many ways Silverstein remains the driving economical force behind Ortega’s cottage industry hate farm.

Because of the sheer

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