For Critics, Consent Is A Four-letter Word

Controversy-hungry critics, like Tony Ortega and Mike Rinder are famously insensitive to privacy concerns. Looking over their online posting history we see example after example of what the internet calls ‘creep shots’, pictures of people, their homes, their places of business, posted without consent.

While this activity this activity is in many cases

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Egotism Unchained

This week we’ve been taking an extensive view of the details of Tony Ortega’s Twitter past and today we conclude with a real humdinger.

Spend any amount of time trying to make sense of the chaotic nonsense that chokes Tony Ortega’s Twitter feed and you’ll quickly realize two things — Number one: There’s

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Hate Don’t Sell like it Used To

Following politics these days can be a tiring affair. Every day it seems the media reports a ‘new low’ for the nation, the latest breathtaking scandal. It may be that there is much to be looked into with regard to these scandals but the way the media incessantly ring the alarm bells day in and

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Paul Haggis: Stubbornly Ignored Facts

We all remember how back in 2013, publicist Haleigh Breest accused Paul Haggis of raping her. After she filed a lawsuit, Haggis attempted to countersue claiming the charges were part of an “outrageous” conspiracy to destroy him personally. Perhaps he’s hoping no one will notice he’s been accused by multiple other women of similar

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Tony Ortega Hive Mentality

On this blog we’ve seen how people like Tony Ortega, Mike Rinder, Karen de la Carriere, Jeffrey Augustine and Rod Keller attempt to control and manipulate the flow of information.

Time and time again we’ve seen evidence of Ortega censoring comments on his blog or in his Twitter feed that run contrary to his self-imposed

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Duo of Intolerance


After observing the usual suspects, Tony Ortega and Mike Rinder lie about the beliefs of Scientologists, shaming and blaming people who have done nothing wrong, misstating the beliefs of Scientology, etc., their objective becomes increasingly clear. It is to sow moral panic and bigoted outrage.

Tony Ortega’s blog is an echo chamber

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Mike Rinder’s Violent Rhetoric

Recently we discussed several explicit and specific death threats which had been occasioned by the groundswell of hate Tony Ortega and his like gin up on their blogs.

Mike Rinder is no stranger to this same violent rhetoric, often writing posts intended to whip his commenters into a rage against Scientologists

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A House of Cards, It’s All About Money

On what was surely one of the more infamous of moments on Leah Remini’s show was that time she sat in a round table with a ‘brain trust’ of kooks, including infamous and violent deprogrammer Steve Hassan, who brazenly, claimed they were on a mission to destroy a religion.

But because so many of Leah’s

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What Kind of Man Celebrates Death?: Tony Ortega. That’s Who!

One surefire way to tell the measure of a man is to examine at what he loves the most, what brings him the greatest joy in life.

If Tony Ortega’s blog is any insight into what he truly enjoys, there seems to be a sort of giddy satisfaction whenever a Scientologist dies.


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Jane Doe #1 Vs Backpage

Harvey Weinstein’s downfall began when the first of his victims began to speak out. The Paul Haggis rape case began when the women he allegedly raped chose to come forward. The MeToo Movement itself only became a force for change as women found the courage to take a stand against their abusers.

Earlier this year

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