Tony Ortega’s bad fiction

As much as Tony Ortega wants us to believe his blog is a “news website” his repeated bias, as detailed here and on countless other places on the Internet, clearly indicates that Tony is at best a salacious gossip monger, at worst an obsessed ego maniac bent on destroying religious belief. Having spent time

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The Sleazy World of Paul Haggis and his Private Eyes

So it seems Paul Haggis hit a new low today after it was reported he hired a private investigator to dig through the trash of publicist Haleigh Breest after she filed a lawsuit against him claiming he raped her five years ago following an infamous movie premiere.

Haggis, it is said, began the process

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What Makes Tony Ortega Toxic

It’s been a wild week on the Internet by anyone’s standard. Over the weekend the FBI warned router users around the world to reset their passwords for fear of a potential Russian hack in progress. By Tuesday ABC had cancelled Roseanne Barr’s hit television show in the wake of bigoted comments she made via

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Defending Paul Haggis

As the MeToo movement has highlighted over the course of the past year, there is no shortage of rapists and serial abusers of women in Hollywood. A few short months ago it was revealed that Paul Haggis was accused of sexual misconduct by 4 different women; two of whom accuse him of rape.


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