Tony Ortega’s Insider

Rachel Bernstein

Update: The case against Rachel Bernstein is still pending.

Consider the case of Tony Ortega insiders, Rachel Bernstein. You might remember here as the would-be “councilor” who infamously attacked and smeared a mother whose daughter had tragically committed suicide using Tony Ortega’s “blame the victims” rhetoric. It was disgusting, unprovoked,

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Tony Ortega’s Ideologue Crony Set To Lose License

Rachel Bernstein

“Ideologue” is a term we’ve been seeing with increasing regularity in the news these days. We’ve certainly written a lot about the ideologues rampant in the bigoted critics of the so-called anti-Scientology movement. They should really be called, the “Anti-Every-View-We-Don’t-Share Movement” because every one of them seems to refuse to ever

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