Arielle Silverstein A Shameful Sugar Mama

For years, Arielle Silverstein’s United Nations salary has supported not only the vengeful campaigns of vilification we’ve been examining on this blog but those of her husband, the chronically unemployed blogger, Tony Ortega. And just like his other half, readers of this blog know Tony Ortega is driven by bigotry and hate.


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Arielle Silverstein: Incredibly Hypocrite

The Iranian regime is so incredibly idiotic, I don’t even know where to start with where it all went wrong. Having said that – the Muslim society in general, not just in Iran, is very sexually repressed and has unhealthy attitudes towards sexuality, whether heterosexual or homosexual. Even the more developled [sic] Muslim countries [Dubai,

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UN-Employed Arielle Silverstein Stereotypes Arab Men as Wife Beaters

There really seems to be no topic of conversation Arielle Silverstein won’t butt her way into, regardless of whether or not she has anything of substance to add. Never mind that she has almost zero understanding of the context or background of whatever hot-button argument she has chosen to chime in on that day,

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The Myth of “Tony Ortega’s Promised Vengeance”


Arielle Silverstein aka Bozuri

Yeah, Tony has been quiet recently because he is not at work. But I’m sure he’ll be back with a vengeance. – Arielle Silverstein aka Bozuri

Take it from us, reading Arielle Silverstein’s postings can be an exercise in exasperation. Ranging from petty, run-of-the-mill Ortega-style hate to the

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Tony Ortega: Small Mind, Small Heart

Recently we covered the embarrassing series of mock attacks made by failed, basement-dwelling blogger Tony Ortega on the charitable work Scientology has embarked upon in the days and weeks since hurricane Dorian leveled the Bahamas.

Readers will remember how Tony Ortega, with his idiotic bravado-fueled confidence, laughed at the very idea Scientology would

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Tony Ortega Mocks Employment

These are turbulent times for many in the United States of America. A recent Federal shutdown (the longest in our nation’s history), coupled with a slowing economy have seen rise in the economic hardship felt by many in this country.

It’s staggering then that from the safety of his underground lair Tony Ortega

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Phony Tony TV

We reported earlier on Tony Ortega’s delusional idea of starting a propaganda network hosted on his failing blog.

Touting “some really significant stories coming soon” Tony Ortega is trying to sucker his dwindling battalion of fiery ‘anti-religionists’ into supporting his fledging attempt to get an imagined ‘video arm’ of his propaganda movement up

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Ortega’s Petty Pursuit

From time to time we here like to drop in on Tony Ortega’s blog to see what dire, hysterical story he’s breathlessly hawking these days. Someone has to do it. In this spirit of ‘taking one for the team’ we logged on to Ortega’s blog to see what had him ranting.

What we

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Unemployed blogger on the fringes of the internet


Hard to read but some real good geeks were able to enhance the videos and read the tag on Tony Ortega’s shirt.

It reads:

“Hello my name is unemployed blogger on the fringes of the internet.”

We knew that Ortega was unemployed but this proves that he has no shame in being jobless

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Employment Record

We thought putting together an employment history of Tony Ortega would be easy. We were wrong. It hasn’t been – at all! – chiefly because there is so little information to go by. A telling fact on its own!

After being “fired” as editor of the Village Voice, it seems he took on a

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