Tony Ortega: Unreliable, Unbelievable and Utterly Unemployable

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about Tony Ortega’s unquestioned obsession with Scientology over the past few months. The focus of the majority of these questions tend to revolve around a now-familiar theme: if Tony Ortega’s bigotry and hatred are what drive him how can any of us believe a word he says? Our

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Career Deadbeat

There’s no question at this point that Tony Ortega is a lost cause. Frequent readers of this blog unpoisoned by the radical bias ‘try-hard’ Ortega goes to great lengths to instill in his dwindling fan base ought to have no problem accenting to the above proposition.

Time and time again we’ve been witness to

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Tony Ortega: Small Mind, Small Heart

Recently we covered the embarrassing series of mock attacks made by failed, basement-dwelling blogger Tony Ortega on the charitable work Scientology has embarked upon in the days and weeks since hurricane Dorian leveled the Bahamas.

Readers will remember how Tony Ortega, with his idiotic bravado-fueled confidence, laughed at the very idea Scientology would

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Tony Ortega Mocks Employment

These are turbulent times for many in the United States of America. A recent Federal shutdown (the longest in our nation’s history), coupled with a slowing economy have seen rise in the economic hardship felt by many in this country.

It’s staggering then that from the safety of his underground lair Tony Ortega

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What Motivates Tony Ortega’s Campaign of Hate?

We posted earlier about what really motivates supposed critics like Tony Ortega and others in his vehemently anti-religion army to do what they do. Many have often suggested that what drives them is somehow a desire to simply spread the hate they feel in themselves outward against a perceived scapegoat as some kind of

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Phony Tony TV

We reported earlier on Tony Ortega’s delusional idea of starting a propaganda network hosted on his failing blog.

Touting “some really significant stories coming soon” Tony Ortega is trying to sucker his dwindling battalion of fiery ‘anti-religionists’ into supporting his fledging attempt to get an imagined ‘video arm’ of his propaganda movement up

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Tony Ortega Flatters Himself

As a New Year begins, Tony Ortega wastes no time slapping himself on the back for the tidal wave of misdirection and mistruths he attempted to flood his social media channels with.

With the sort of ridiculous hubris only Tony Ortega could muster he begins 2019 by listing for his readers his top

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Employment Record

We thought putting together an employment history of Tony Ortega would be easy. We were wrong. It hasn’t been – at all! – chiefly because there is so little information to go by. A telling fact on its own!

After being “fired” as editor of the Village Voice, it seems he took on a

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