How This Disastrous Ortega Interview Has Aged: [Spoiler Alert, Not Well!]

Karen de la Carriere promotional photo

We reported on a laughably ridiculous article written to, ostensibly, laud Tony Ortega and promote his then-upcoming book tour, funded by Karen e la Carriere. History has not been kind to the underwhelming article as Ortega’s over-hyped book launch wound up being really more of a crash and

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Every Bad Faith Trick In The Book

We’ve exposed the extent to which Tony Ortega was willing to go as former Editor-in-Chief of the Village Voice in providing cover for his pimp pals at Backpage. We’ve seen Tony Ortega lie, misdirect, and purposefully muddy the waters in order to confuse the public about the Backpage human trafficking empire which victimized countless young

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Tony Ortega in 3-D: Deceit, Distraction, Discredited

When we last looked in on Backpage, ads for underage “escorts” and “ exotic body-rubs” were providing millions in monthly profit for Village Voice Media, the company signing Tony Ortega’s paychecks.

Perhaps this is why Tony and his bosses were so desperate to change what was quickly becoming the national topic of

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Tony’s Ortega’s Crusade of Untruth

When last we saw the Village Voice, they had just received a letter of complaint signed by three dozen religious leaders making an urgent impassioned call for an end to Backpage.

This was, of course, merely the tip of an already mammoth iceberg.

More than fifty Attorneys General had sent Village

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The Unethical, Amoral Cesspool Tony Ortega Sold his Soul To

This past week we’ve been examining Tony Ortega’s response to the numerous instances of protest aimed at him for his participation in the Backpage child sex trafficking scheme he so ardently defended while on their payroll.

We’ve seen how angry protestors fed up with Ortega’s two-faced ‘human-trafficking-as-First-Amendment-right’ defense of Backpage flocked to

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Tony Ortega The New Times Liar

Tony Ortega’s early days at the New Times

Unemployed blogger Tony Ortega might falsely claim these days to be a journalist “At-Large”, but the fact of the matter is that even when he had an actual paying job, Tony Ortega was nothing more than a liar.

Remember early in Tony Ortega’s

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“A Forest of Dead Wood”

Tony Ortega is probably best known as the propaganda minister for the role he played as chief defender of the notorious illicit prostitution and child sex trafficking website, Backpage during its debauched heyday as the world’s most infamous online brothel.

Readers of this blog will remember how Backpage was raided and forcibly

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Be A Tony Ortega Quitter!

Why are folks over on Tony Ortega’s blog suddenly calling him a low class drama queen? I mean, it’s not like they are wrong but seeing these comments popping up on Tony Ortega’s hate blog got us thinking. Have Tony’ Ortega’s readers finally had enough of his unfiltered, immature garbage?

Apparently it

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Hatching the Backpage Scheme

“I helped turn a weekly newspaper with a website into a digital enterprise.” – Tony Ortega

The above quote came from Tony Ortega while, with his typical braggadocios self-importance, hw was spouting off to the New York Times on just what an important player he was in the empire Backpage built.

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Tony Clickbait Ortega

Look back over the regrettable career of Tony Ortega and you will find it is littered with trashy, fabricated stories aimed chiefly toward uneducated readers of free alt weekly newspapers and online gossip blogs.

Tony Ortega’s inventions have ranged from fake stories about fake people, to wackadoo claims designed to smear and defame. It’s all

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