Caught in Another Lie, Tony Ortega Doubles Down

Earlier we reported to our readers Tony Ortega’s phony outrage, as he openly mocked Scientology for daring to announce it was heading to the Bahamas to help with disaster relief following the category 5 hurricane which did such damage earlier this month.

Well, now that volunteer efforts have begun it seems that Tony Ortega has once again been revealed as purposefully misleading. What a sensible person might do in this situation is to admit their bias was wrong and celebrate the fact that victims of this horrific event are getting much needed care and aid.

Not so with Tony Ortega.

Instead it seems he is once again changing his story, even as he doubles down on his falsely crafted narrative.

Contrary to his earlier claim that no one from Scientology would even show up in the Bahamas to help, in his latest blog post Tony Ortega begrudgingly admits that, indeed, Scientology Volunteer Ministers have traveled to the Bahamas this week to provide relief in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. But hang on — if you were expecting anything resembling an apology for his bald face lie that Scientology had no intention fulfilling their promise to help then clearly you don’t know Tony Ortega.

Instead, in the face of the incontrovertible fact that the first wave of aid worker volunteers from Scientology have already landed in the Bahamas, Tony attempts to push the goal posts. ‘Ok so maybe they just arrived but they haven’t handed out the soap and toothbrushes yet’ Ortega moronically complains on his homemade rant-blog, writing: “We have no evidence that the hygiene packs assembled last week have been distributed”

As if it somehow proves his point! Honestly, how petty and imbecilic can one man be? What’s next, Tony? Once the hygiene packs, water and other essentials are fully distributed are you going to complain that they didn’t include teeth-whitening strips or moustache combs? For someone who hasn’t so much as lifted a finger to help the victims of this (or any disaster) Tony Ortega has some nerve denigrating the service of others.

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