Coalition of Peace Takes a Stand Against Hate

Perhaps the lasting legacy of Leah Remini’s hate television show, once the dust has settled after the show’s imminent cancellation, will be the violence it inspired in its wake. As of this writing there has been arson at Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Halls, shots fired in anger and many more.

With news now that a new hate threat citing Leah Remini and her production of hate has been turned over to counter terrorism police, a welcome sea change may be on the horizon.

Meanwhile they have been desperately trying to undermine those who would come together to stop this hate, like the LA Faith Coalition of ministers of many religions. This coalition of faith leaders was brave enough to take action to demonstrate that they are devoted to stopping the sort of hate that seeks to bring harm to people of faith.

The day of round table discussions on anti-religious hate and how it directly contributes to promoting violence and murder around the globe was followed by a peaceful protest across from Disney studios. Participants gathered in solidarity to stand against the exact anti-religious bigotry and intolerance A&E traffics in.

This eclectic array of leaders from faiths groups across the religious spectrum came together to lend their support to end the biased bigotry routinely disseminated through the media.

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