Common Pimps, Common Themes


Yesterday we took a look at how everything that Tony Ortega touches dies. Though the scope of our discussion was based on the disastrous litany of Tony Ortega’s failed employment history, this deep underlying truth about Tony can tragically be applied to numerous Jane Doe’s who have suffered at the hands of the Backpage, the one-time market leader for online human trafficking which Tony vociferously publicly defended time and time again.

Some who have survived this evil have filed litigation against the actors behind the scenes who built and maintained this platform. We who have read through numerous pages of court documents detailing the suffering these women endured find some hope that those responsible will be brought to justice.

Though each case is different, all the complaints posses three common themes as illustrated in the extracts from this recent case pending in Houston county, Alabama.

1) These unnamed women were pimped out for profit

2) They suffered at the hands of their pimps and enablers

3) The pimps and enablers acted with full knowledge of their crimes

Though Backpage has been since shuttered by Federal Authorities, and its apologists for the moment silenced, every Jane Doe behind every legal battle waits in hopeful expectation for a swift and severe justice for these Backpage pimps and their enablers.

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