Could Tony Ortega Finally Wind Up Behind Bars?


Tony Ortega is perhaps the best example of hypocrisy and arrogance in modern “journalism”. Here is a man who for years falsely accused L Ron Hubbard and all Scientologists of endorsing and condoning pedophilia while he himself had made 90% of his paycheck off of Backpage sex traffic advertising, which led to horrific instances of child rape and murder.

If you look at Tony Ortega’s history (not the one he tries to present the outside world), his economic connections (he’s broke and unemployed), and his defense of the notorious, (with its multiple federal indictments for human trafficking) the more difficult it becomes to wrap your head around it all.

Mike Rinder, Ortega’s sometime “consulting” producer and critic, who Tony Ortega propagandistically describes as a “former Scientology spokesman” dismisses Ortega’s relationship to Backpage by suggesting that Tony was merely the Editor of the newspaper side of the Village Voice and therefore had nothing to do with the advertising side of the newspaper.

Rinder is doing some propagandizing himself here, because in 2011, not only did Tony Ortega endorse and condone the sex trafficking going on in his organization, he went after and tried to discredit fellow journalist Amber Lyon, a CNN reporter who was investigating the sex trafficking, including child sex trafficking, that Backpage was selling.

Ortega himself writes:

What happens when two adults find each other through I couldn’t tell you. The whole point of is that we aren’t involved after two consenting adults find each other through the community bulletin board, which exists solely so that people can freely express themselves—sometimes in ways that make other people uncomfortable. We’re First Amendment extremists that way. Always have been.”

Underage prostitution is a persistent problem in this country, but as we established in last week’s cover story, it exists at a level that is nothing like what is being trumpeted by Amber Lyon on the behalf of activists who want to put us out of business.”

In this jaw-dropping article, Tony Ortega attempts to justify the horrific sex trafficking income which is paying his paycheck by citing the First Amendment! He describes the painstaking process that Backpage employees went through to take out words that made the ads look too much like they were ads for sex trafficking and child rape – then going ahead and placing the advertising anyway! Tony makes the case that this process is why the way they were making money here by advertising for sex traffickers should be considered legitimate.

Again, the process Tony Ortega describes in his 2011 article seems to be the exact evidence which was used to charge and convict Tony’s boss at Village Voice Media, Carl Ferrer, on charges of money laundering and conspiracy to facilitate prostitution.

Is this what will land Tony Ortega behind bars for good? When you read Tony Ortega’s Village Voice article linked to and quoted in the above, ask yourself: Isn’t Tony Ortega not only endorsing and condoning sex trafficking, defending and justifying it, as well as attacking and attempting to discredit other journalists who are seeking to expose it?

There is no way around it. The plain facts of the case, together with Ortega’s own damning admission, clearly suggest that Tony Ortega is likely an integral part of the conspiracy to traffic in sex, including child rape for pay.

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