Crackpot Conspiracy Theorists Get Set Straight

Conspiracy theories are interesting things. Once the exclusive domain of crackpots and the tinfoil-hatted types, people like Tony Ortega, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder have in recent years tried to mainstream these types of wild fantasies in the hopes of making a fast buck.

The main advantage of the conspiracy theory of course is that it’s damn near impossible to prove a negative.

Consider for a moment how difficult it would be to convince a true conspiracy theorist that Cuban Mobsters working for the CIA didn’t kill JFK on that fateful day in Dallas. The very fact that there’s zero evidence to support this claim becomes (in the mind of the conspiracy theorist) itself proof for its validity. “Of course,” they might insist, “There’s no evidence because they covered it up! That’s how you know it’s true!”

You can see how twisted this logic runs and that is part of their appeal to people who seek to manipulate their audiences.

One of the biggest lies Ortega and company try to sell is that “the criminal organization stories.” It’s a drum they bang over and over. The fatal problem with this particularly tired conspiracy theory is the fact that no charges have been filed.

This inconvenient truth would be absolutely ruinous if their audiences ever learned this so they do all they can to keep from addressing it, insisting instead it’s all an elaborate cover-up perpetrated by bribes and hush-money. (Remember, to the hysterical conspiracy theorist the fact that there’s absolutely no evidence for this must of course prove it’s true, right?)

Maybe this is why it’s so refreshing that, after decades of allegations that the police are corrupt and paid off, the Chief of the Clearwater police made this video below chock-full of important factual information that likes of Ortega, Remini and Rinder routinely ignore in their blind crusade to make everyone panic.

Watch it for yourself and decide.

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