De-“Bunking” Tony Ortega’s FAQ

Over on Tony Ortega’s basement blog, hidden among the various hate rants and bigoted screeds which litter the site, there’s a rather interesting page in which Ortega himself pulls back the curtain to answer frequently asked questions posted by his wing-nut readers. We thought it might be interesting to take a look at these FAQ to see if they can help shed a little light on Tony Ortega’s warped self-understanding.

Why is this site called “The Underground Bunker?”

Tony Ortega’s Answer: When we wrote about Scientology at The Village Voice, we jokingly began referring to writing from an underground bunker.

Real Answer: Tony Ortega’s wife, Arielle Silverstein, pays all the bills and she calls the shots. Ortega and his whole crackpot operation where moved to the cellar to keep him away from decent society.

Why do you use “we” to refer to yourself?

Tony Ortega’s Answer: It’s a columnist’s conceit we use out of habit and for no good reason except that it amuses us.

Real Answer: Tony Ortega desperately wants you to believe his own myopic perception is the commonly accepted truth. It is not. Tony Ortega’s opinions are the result of one man lying to himself and to his readers. Full stop.

Why do you write about Scientology?

Tony Ortega’s Answer: Because it interests us… It’s a fascinating story that is only getting more interesting with time, and we enjoy having a seat on the front row as this adventure unfolds.

Real Answer: Because he has literally nothing else in his life. He writes about Scientology because he is obsessed to an unhealthy degree and is driven by hate. This obsession cost him his job and is possibly the reason he is still unemployed.

Were you ever involved with Scientology?

Tony Ortega’s Answer: No.

Real Answer: Of course not. Which helps explain how little he seems to know about the subject matter he boasts of being a world-class expert of.

You’re very critical of Scientology. Why?

Tony Ortega’s Answer: We don’t like bullies.

Real Answer: Because Tony Ortega is nothing but a bully.

 What is your policy on donations? Do you take money to do specific stories?

Tony Ortega’s Answer: We love donations, but we do not allow those donations to affect our choice of stories.

Real Answer: Tony Ortega is a mooch. Always has been. Anyone dumb enough to give him money is only helping to further his freeloading lifestyle. There’s a reason state parks include Do Not Feed The Wild Animals signs, to break that rule is to make them dependent on handouts.  Tony Ortega lost his independence long ago and frankly, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone more dependent on handouts. Maybe authorities might consider hanging similar warning sign on Tony Ortega’s blog or outside Arielle Silverstein’s house where Ortega lives?

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