We reported about how unscrupulous Twitter agents like Tony Ortega will concoct outlandish stories in the hopes that their sheer insanity will capture the depraved imaginations of his naive audience, leading them to retweet and spread his lies.

This tactic is nothing new for Tony Ortega, and yet somehow we find ourselves surprised by his willingness to explore new lows when it comes to smearing his perceived enemies.

Take the headline above as an example. Without a shed of irony, Tony Ortega wants badly for you to believe that ‘young teens are used to lure adults into compromising position. The level of blatant deflection would be funny if it weren’t so clearly indicating a mind in downward spiral.

It’s as if Tony Ortega doesn’t realize the whole world already knows of his vocal and persistent support for the child sex slavery ring run out of his own former online platform  

Happily it seems that Twitter refuses to let him get away with it, as users are finally using the microblogging bully pulpit Tony’s used to spread his falsehoods against him.

It’s our hope that people will continue to see through this sham and bring and end to his malignant presence on in the public sphere.

Good for you @dreligious for standing up against hate. We need more like you willing to call out Tony Ortega for what he is — a bullying bigot, who wants to accuse others of the very things he’s guilty of.

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