Defunding Anti-religionists

Tony Ortega is no stranger to manufacturing outrage out of whole cloth in support of his anti-religion agenda. Now he’s helping other anti-religionists to exercise their frustration at the public’s increasing demand that action be taken against those who would advocate for intolerance.

Taking to Twitter recently, Tony jumped at the chance to retweet his support a fellow atheist-agenda activist who recently found Youtube had stripped him in a “cold, arbitrary way” of his ability to cash-in on the targeted bigotry of his bias-driven “documentary”.

If ever there were an expert on the art of cashing in on untruths and anti-religious “journalism” it’s Tony Ortega. Now it seems he’s turning his support towards a new generation of crisis actors, teaching them to play the victim card with the same disingenuous, reactionary outrage he has long been working to hone.

As Youtube and other popular social media sites begin listening to the public and adopting stricter policies designed to stop the monetization of hate speech, Tony Ortega’s job will likely get harder. But one thing is certain — his fake “I’m the real victim” outrage will only grow louder.

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