Developer of False Leads Part 2


Writing under the pseudonym “Antoine Oman,” Tony Ortega’s article for the New Times L.A., published in the August 15–21, 2002 issue, was headlined “Fault Lines” and intended to titillate readers with its report that NBC had just signed two rape victims to star in a reality series entitled “Survive This!” The article described how “several paroled repeat sex offenders” would be placed in “locations miles from the drop zones” of the contestants of this proposed show. These two teenage girls would be pitted against these actual sex offenders to see if they could once again survive rape.

Having built this story up to a dazzling spectacle of the macabre, it was then announced – by none other than Tony Ortega himself – that the entire story was a hoax. But who was to blame? Why, the phantom reporter, “Antoine Oman,” of course. Ortega penned this announcement in such a way as to pretend that this despicable reporter had been found and summarily fired. There is even a photograph embedded within the article showing the fired reporter leaving the premises, his face concealed behind a copy of the paper open at the offending article.

Having served his apprenticeship in deception, dishonesty and disparagement, Ortega was now ready to move up into the fast lane of bigotry, but not before being a principal apologist at the Village Voice for its association with Backpage dot com, an online adult classified ads operation.

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