Did Tony Ortega Have An Extra-Marital Affair With One of His Sources?

Tony Ortega and Melissa Paris

We received a heads-up from one reader who had been going through our recent run of articles exposing Tony Ortega’s legacy of bad faith journalism and red flags.

The reader, who asked to remain anonymous, drew our attention to long circulating rumor concerning a blog Tony Ortega wrote for the Village Voice back in 2011 and 2012 about a young woman named Melissa Paris. It is alleged by many that Tony Ortega attempted to have sex with young Miss Paris, the subject of one of his many biased articles.

Tony Ortega was married to his third wife, Arielle Silverstein, at the time he attempted to lure this girl into bed. This is not the first time Ortega cheated on his wives happened.

We here at the blog are working hard to confirm these rumors, and as soon as we have more info on the subject we will make it available. For now we will leave you with the recent online media post which brought the whole sordid scandal back into our newsfeeds:

The author of the tweet rightly aimed her own disgust at Tony Ortega addressing him directly through social media saying:

As those of us familiar with Tony Ortega’s modus operandi well know, there is absolutely no “ethical boundary” line a flagrant hack and cheap exploiter of women like him won’t cross.

There are many legal reasons respectable print news outlets want nothing to do with Tony Ortega. This story may be yet prove to be one more.

More on this story as it develops.

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